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Focused on relationship-based community engagement in areas of greatest need, for the very young, school-aged youth, and young adults among us who are coming from hard places.

How Will Our Light Shine?

For many years now—in times of reflection and prayer—I have pictured St. John the Divine as a light on the hill, a beacon for our city. Deeply blessed by our church home, when asked to serve we have said yes. By saying yes, I have come to know a group of young people who have captured my heart and imagination.

In 2021, building on its history of generous outreach, St. John the Divine launched a major initiative to discern how the church could meaningfully enhance its impact through significant community engagement.


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About Us

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One of the first new programs to launch is focused on young adults aging out of foster care. Our research demonstrated heartbreaking outcomes for 70% of the young adults who age out of foster care without support from, and engagement with, “at least one caring adult” outside the system. Over the months, we covered our work in prayer and listened to the advice of the best organizations: find a gap not being served, start small – with a pilot program, and leverage impact by partnering with others.


Through A Lighted Path we will partner with DePelchin Children’s Center and leverage professional and volunteer resources to provide support, opportunities, and navigation to 20 young adults (ages 18-20) residing at DePelchin’s supervised independent living facility. We will call this initiative our Adults in Training program. Since April of 2022, we have had the opportunity to spend time with the young adults by attending monthly house meetings, celebrating graduations, listening to their plans and concerns, and slowly beginning to gain their trust. In their blameless faces, I see the light of Christ. Their path has been, and continues to be, uncertain and they know that. But when asked, they want us to share our wisdom, the opportunities we can help them to access, and the experience we bring to navigating obstacles.

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